23 July, 2011

Demijohn and Wooden Boxes

We went to a few Estate Sales yesterday.
We did avoid the tow truck adventure.
We came home with these...

small wooden boxes.
With teeny tiny dove tail joints
These will be great for displays.
They're not too big and they have some age.
The second find...

An old Demijohn.
The color of the glass is nice and what I can see of the body through the wicker looks like old wavy, seeded glass.

The wicker has a really nice patina too.
It's 15 1/2" tall and the diameter is 7".

They look good together.

They'll all be in my new Etsy shop,
I haven't listed anything yet,
but I think it'll be a good place for all the vintage finds I come across.

ann marie

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  1. Hi, new follower here, you found great finds, especially that demijohn!



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