17 March, 2011

The Beauty in My Life Today!

Have you ever taken a step back from your life and marveled at how wonderful it truly is?
I do that as often as I remember to.
This is what I am so thankful for today.

I think I'm the luckiest person I know.
I have a husband who encourages me to do what makes me happy.
I have three daughters that continue to amaze me.
We were either really good parents or we got really lucky.
I like to think it's a little of both.
I have son in laws that I like and respect.
No small feat.
However, these little girls have stolen our hearts.



Really, does it get any better than this?
A little.
Taylor and Andrea will visit us next week.
Andrea's bringing Caroline of course.
I'll have my three girls with my three granddaughters.
Someone pinch me.

ann marie


  1. With Japan on my mind, I've been thinking a lot about how good my life is lately.

    Is there a special occasion that's bringing everyone together?

  2. Lovely post. Agreeing with Steve, consider what's going on in the world today our lives are pretty good and we even get to enjoy them.

    By the way, I just have to tell you my parents live in Schertz too! In Greenfield Village. They moved there in 1975 when there was more pastures than crowded housing.



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