05 March, 2011

The Kitchen's Moving Along

There were some good things to say about this kitchen.
The cabinetry was newer, although basic.
Plumbing and electrical updated.
That's it.
Add some sweat equity and this is where we are right now.

This kitchen is so not square.
It took so long to figure out how I wanted to lay the tile.
Then I jumped in with both feet!

Before and Now

Here it is grouted.

ann marie


  1. Really smart to all that stuff neutral. It's looking awesome!

  2. You've done a beautiful tile job, the lines are great. A big job! Your cabinets look brand new and the back wall tiles look wonderful too.

  3. I really like the layout of the tile. Nothing standard there. Looks so nice.

  4. It's so much brighter. I love the difference a little elbow grease makes. Great work!

  5. What a change! You are going a lovely job of this pretty little cottage.

  6. Mom - it looks great! Taylor must be psyched :)

  7. It looks so gorgeous!!! I want to try my hand at laying pine plank floors upstairs and a tile backsplash, but I am so intimidated.

  8. Glad I stopped by! It's been a while--I'm so glad you are sharing the DURING photos of your renovations--so many think these things are instant! Plus, I'm glad to see that others live through the same things.....Everything looks great!

  9. Great choice on the tile pattern for your backsplash--I love that its different than expected!

  10. I love all the tile you have used in the kitchen & bath at the cottage. I live in Florida, do you think I could find the bathroom floor tile you used? I love the vintage look. You have made so much
    progress and it looks awesome.
    Great work! When you are finished will you reveal your sources, please? Thanks!

  11. I can already tell how gorgeous the kitchen is going to be...amazing what a little tile, sweat, and paint will get you!


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