08 November, 2010

Labor of Love!

After spending two weeks in Boston, Caroline's nursery is Finis!
Here's the fabrics that Andrea, Daughter #1,  chose for their daughter, Caroline's, nursery.
I made the bed linens and panels here, then mailed them to her so they'd be there when I arrived.
This is what we started with.

It kind of looked like an episode of Hoarders!
We put a fresh coat of paint on the walls and trim.
Hung panels on the windows.

We dressed that crib up with the cutest dust ruffle and bumper pads.

The daybed received some attention too.
Small bookcases for small books and girlie things.

Because this is an older home, there are no closets in this bedroom.
No problem.
We just repurposed an armoire from the living room that held games...and stuff.

We had a wonderful supervisor.

She didn't miss a thing!

That herd of elephants ended up here.

The reveal...

Caroline's nursery.
A labor of love.
Life is good.

ann marie


  1. Hope you had a great time!

    I'd be happy to live in that room. What a lucky baby!

  2. Oh..that is a gorgeous baby's room! I love it...love it all right down to the little elephants! Perfect job! Diana

  3. What a beautiful baby's room. My daughter is due in late Dec. I wish I had the talent to do this for her.

  4. What a cute spot for a new little girl!!

  5. Beautiful fabric choices! Thank you for taking us through the start to finish process of watching the room come together. It is beautiful and will be the perfect spot for those late night feeds and rocking her to sleep :)

  6. Very pretty! What a joy it must have been to have been able to do this for your daughter.

  7. It is so lovely! Wonderful job!

  8. I love this room! You should submit it to www.odeedoh.com I bet they would feature it. Great job!!

  9. the room looks so darling! thanks for stopping by Sweet as June today!

  10. This is truly lovely! And what a nice old-fashioned name.

  11. Oh it looks so charming and sweet!! Love what you did in this room-all the touches you added and thought that went into really shows- her nursery is adorable! Well done! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  12. Where did you find all your fabics? I love them!


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