17 September, 2010

One Baby, Two Baby....

After making numerous nursury linens for so many people over the years, I am about to embark on an adventure!!
I'm going to be a Memere!
Daughter #1, aka Andrea and her husband Mark,are expecting their first child in January!
A sweet little girl who will be named
It gets even better!
I'm going to be a Memere again in March!
Daughter #2, aka Marquis and husband Ben are expecting also.
We won't find out for a while as to whether it's a boy or a girl, but I will be thrilled with either!
who also maybe addicted to fabric (genetic, I'm sure), has chosen nursery fabrics.
Her husband would say there is definitely NO maybe about the fabric "issue".
Poor guy, he just doesn't understand the power of fabric...or paint!
Oh well...
So, here's what I'm going to have the pleasure of working with!!

The bird fabric will be used as window panels and on the bumper pads.

The raspberry and white ticking will be the ties and cording.

The raspberry and white ticking will be the ties and
The zigzag will be the crib skirt.

The additional fabrics are for pillows for the daybed in the room.

Isn't this going to be a bright and happy nursery??
all this has caused a new hobby/addiction!
Little girlie clothes!
So, as an outlet for this new found fun, I've opened another Etsy Shop.
Two Cows Annabelle!
Gotta go, I have a lot of fabric to prewash!
ann marie


  1. Hey, Congratulations x 2, Memere LaFortune! How fun it will be to work on things that are so close to your heart! I love that you've picked fabrics that are bright and whimsical without being so literal.

  2. Congratulations!! We got news yesterday of a new one coming in March also! This will make our 11th, and it just gets more exciting everytime. The fabrics are wonderful!!

  3. Congratulations! Your life will be forever changed. The love you felt for your children will be nothing compared to the love and protective feelings you will have for grandkids. You are doubly blessed....and I can't wait to follow along for updates!

    Really neat fabrics and so unexpected for a nursery. I'll be anxious to see them all done! Diana

  4. I could dive right into those fabrics and take up residence - they are so pretty. Congratulations on your wonderful news - life doesn't get much better than that!

  5. I too am going to be a gramie for the first time in Dec or may be jan. The colors are wonderful. it is exciting and gives me a case of the nerves for my daughter. I will have a grand daughter also. How nice your girls will be able to raise their children together.

  6. You are in for the treat of your life -- for real!


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