13 November, 2010

Orange Slip Covered Club Chairs

While I was visiting Mark and Andrea in Boston,
we, Andrea and I, tackled a few projects.
The big one was Caroline's nursery, which I posted about here.
Another ambitious project started with these.

There are two of these beauties.
Craig's List treasures.
Although it appears that Bretten is supervising, she's actually pretty PO'd that we hijacked "her" chair.
It's the one she sits on waiting for that evil mail truck!!
Throw this into the mix.

                             Orange Greek Key Geometric.                            
The fabric was fun to work with.
And it's an indoor/outdoor fabric which will be wonderful when Bretten comes in full of sand after her romp at the Res.
They live a few houses down from a small reservoir.
It's a mile walk all the way around.
It was really quite beautiful with the leaves having changed colors!
Back to the fabric.
The pattern hid a multitude of little oops.
I really missed my sewing machine with this project.
All in all, Andrea was very happy with the results!

So was Bretten!
ann marie


  1. We (especially Bretten) love the new chairs! Doesn't hurt that they're covered in indoor-outdoor fabric. You're the best mom!!!

  2. I had to enlarge to have a really good look - gorgeous! I love that fabric - perfect for the shape of the chair.

  3. Great job! You DID have A sewing machine of some kind though, right? Love the fabric and it is perfect for this chair. Did you recover the other one in the same fabric? Diana

  4. What a transformation! Did you eyes go wonky working with that fabric?


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