20 November, 2010

The Legs Have It!

As I've said in previous posts-I love furniture with great legs.

I ran across these legs earlier in the week.
They were listed on Craig's List.
In Austin, an hour's drive up IH-35.
I kept going back to the post all week.
And my heart did that little pitter-patter thing that means I'm in serious trouble.
I finally contacted the seller, and made an offer.
They accepted and I found myself in the truck with "Lola", my GPS.
When I arrived, they were actually being sold in a funky resale shop with all kinds of goodies.

They're a pair of wing backs with legs I've never seen before.

The front ones are very curly and carved.
The back legs have a graceful curve to them.
I don't know the age, but I would peg the fabric that was used to cover them was from the 80's.


These chairs are 12" from the floor.
The one below is 10" from the floor.
The dimensions are almost the same as this chair.

Maybe it's because there's more air between the floor and chair, but they feel more petite to me.
The backs are also curved, no corner like lots of other wing backs I've seen.
I'm going to slip cover them.
I think a classic linen .
Or maybe matelesse.
Maybe fabric covered buttons down the back.
Maybe a graceful scalloped front.
I'm not sure if I should paint the legs, or sand and restain them.

ann marie


  1. How about just some great wax so the patina shows through and contrasts with the linen. I really love the curve also.

  2. The legs are cool!

    I also LOVE the multipe fabrics on the other chair...did you make that slipcover?
    l have two wingback chairs I want to slipcover in different fabrics...just waiting to get started.

    happy day!

  3. I would bet those are really high quality chairs. You don't legs like that on cheaply made furniture. I think they were a BIG score!

  4. Great legs!
    I am doing a project on some chairs (a first)
    and uncovered a lot of curved wood. Hmmm, I think I'll leave it exposed and stain it!
    I love the dark woods...
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. OOOOH...I am loving those legs. I also like the curved back-very unique. I'll bet these were very expensive chairs to start with. Hugs-Diana

  6. What elegant legs. I'd leave them as they are - with cleaning and wax they'll be lovely with linen - very European.


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