31 May, 2010

1st Apartment!!

Well, she's all moved in!!  After loading up the U-Haul, throwing stuff in the bed of the truck and driving for 10 hours it was time to unload all of it.  Almost all of her room here at home made the trip.

The bed, drapery panels, dresser, and some of our yardsale treasures all made the trip. 
 Her apartment is only 2 years old. The school is actually building a "village".  You can check it out here.  

 Anyway, her place has polished concrete floors, they look and feel like marble.  Beautiful!  Great big gorgeous windows.

 Black granite countertops and subway tile backsplash.  Stainless steel appliances.   Pantry with washer/dryer hookups.  9 foot ceilings. Her apartment is a 2 bedroom/2bath unit. She'll have a room mate in the fall. This is what we started with.

Remember these? 

 You can see where they came from here.  I brought paint, paintbrush, sandpaper and a dropcloth with us.

It's amazing what a couple of coats of paint can do.  These will definitely stay around for awhile.

 Work in progress.  She was pretty excited about the whole process.

A couple of extra hands certainly helps, especailly if they can help with things up high. She can't put holes in the walls, so we used 3M hooks that will come off easily when she moves out next year.

And as we were driving away Monday morning, this is what we had accomplished.

And this is looking out those big, beautiful windows.

It was great to see #3 so happy and excited about her own place.  It was nice to see her happy about everything we'd collected and re-vamped.  So much of her personality is in her new home!
Now I have to start  thinking about what I want to do with that almost empty bedroom!!
ann marie


  1. How awesome is that place? WOW....that is exciting...her bedroom is fantastic. What a lucky young lady.

  2. How exciting for both of you! She will have a great time! Hope you have a great week!

  3. It's so wonderful to see a daughter who appreciates and knows how to present her own style (with lessons from mom). YEAH! How fun that must have been to get her all set up. Thanks for sharing the experience!

  4. i love how you took those towel hooks and hung the drapes. Love that. Her bedroom looks so pretty .. love it!

  5. Muito lindo, tudo! Curti muito o suporte das cortinas!!

  6. Wow!! It looks great. Wonderful job and what a nice first apartment.

  7. lovely apartment...have a great weekend! verbena cottage


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