05 May, 2010

Wonderful English Linen Pillow Shams

I wish I could call these my own, however they will soon be going to the home of one of my clients. This linen is beautiful. The print is simply elegant. These are 22" shams with down inserts. I just thought I'd share some gorgeous fabric with you!
Because of the limited amount of fabric she had, I was not able to have the fronts match. I actually like that about them!The repeat on this fabric was 36", quite a large repeat.
ann marie


  1. And are we supposed to ignore the gorgeous settee in your new header?

  2. Beautiful pillows. And I love your new header. The settee is gorgeous and the little round pillow is wonderful.

  3. I love how each pillow has a different part of the pattern. So many people want them to be all the same.

  4. absolutely beautiful. and that settee!


  5. Oh do I love your setee! makes me want to curl up and have a lemonaid.


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