10 May, 2013

Kitchen Lanterns

I had the best "before" pictures.
I didn't realize I didn't have a card in my camera.
So, these lanterns with glass and an ORB finish looked like this.

They were a little dusty.
Pretty boring and generic.
They were in a box at a local church's yard sale.
$10 for the two.
Not bad, right?
We're toying with the idea of a very narrow island in the kitchen.
Something that isn't permanently attached.
Something along the lines of this.
or this...
When Marc found these lights I thought I would try to DIY
this inspiration lantern I found on Pinterest.
These will hopefully hang over our narrow island.
While we're talking about the kitchen/bedroom/bathrooms addition,
We finally have our permit from the City.
It took our GC, Jeff, almost a month!
Everytime he went in with all the paperwork asked for there was something else he needed to provide. 
What a process!
Thank goodness for Jeff...I hope he's as good as Steve's contractor, Sam :)
It's a good thing this journey is finally starting, our house is starting to look like a home improvement store!
ann marie

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