17 December, 2012

Vintage Sparkle

I've always loved vintage.
I think it just gives me a sense of comfort.
Things seemed to be simpler.
Times seemed to be safer.
Maybe they weren't, but we didn't know that.
Many of these pieces hold special memories for me.
Roadside find and memories.
The stunning blue necklace was a wedding gift from my father in law to his bride.
The strand of pearls with the cameo clasp belonged to my Grandmother, she was born in 1895.
I think my mom may have been a surprise.
My Grandmother, Eva, kept all her earrings in this tiny container.
I think she may have had 6 or 7 pairs.
I remember helping her pick out the earrings she would wear that day.
I took all these little works of art out of boxes they'd been sitting in.
I remarked to my husband it was like Christmas morning,
I hadn't seen some of these in awhile.
Others I simply forgot I had.
I know that my display is a male torso.
He's pretty and useful, what more can you ask for?
One of my very favorite little people...
in her pink Patriot's jersey.
ann marie



  1. Well, you've dolled the old guy up. What perfect way to enjoy your treasures every day.

    Love the pink outfit!

  2. I love her hat! your jewelery is beautiful

  3. How wonderful to have such a beautiful collection of vintage jewelry. I have my grandmother's wedding china. Originally a serving for 12, I still have a full serving for 8! It's 75 to 80 years old.. amazing how these things hold up! The pearls are so pretty and they are displayed beautifully.

    Happy holidays and wishing you the best in the new year.



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