25 December, 2012

Christmas Playhouse Surprise!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Marc and I spent the last couple of days building a special Christmas gift for Emry, Caroline, Matry and Annabelle.
Also for Caroline's little brother or sister...we don't know which yet :)
All of this was built step by step with no plans...
just my vision of what I wanted the end result to be.
At the beginning...
Day two.
Day three.

Cheap labor :)

Very early Christmas morning...
Wrigley was checking everything out.
I moved the Christmas tree from the family room to the playhouse
because I needed the room in there for Emry's present.
It was a huge hit!

I think it'll be enjoyed by all the girls!

Annabelle may be a little young to understand
 all the fun times ahead with her sisters and cousins....
Have a safe and wonderful New Year!
oh...Mrs Potato Head's glasses...rough morning...
ann marie


  1. What a wonderful, wonderful surprise! Happy after Christmas Day! xo Diana

  2. This is so cool! I'm sure there will be hours and hours, years and years of playtime and a lifetime of memories made in this special place! What a great idea and what great grandparents!


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