05 December, 2012

Going Gray :)

It's not what you're thinking...
After an extremely busy year, I took the month of December off.
So...I'm getting some things done around here while I have the time.
We sold the dark leather couch, loveseat and chair.
We sold the rug.
We sold the coffee table that was way too big for this room.
This is the only picture I could find that shows the dark rug, furniture and coffee table,
kind of.
I wanted a lighter room with comfortable furniture.
We bought a new couch.
We bought a new rug.
I brought my Wingback chairs in from the Family Room.
I love the legs on these chairs.
This is my "before" of how the room was this morning.
I had already started to disassemble the room.
A couple of hours later and this is what we now have.
New wall color?
Why, Going Gray of course!
ann marie


  1. Ann Maria- Good for you- It is looking wonderful. xo Diana

  2. I'm liking it. Great sofa, love the easel, the shelves are awesome. But I see a little girl who needs a Patriots t-shirt and a Red Sox hat!

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