28 September, 2011

Estate Sale, New England Style!

Recently, I flew to Boston to visit Andrea and Mark...
and of course, CAF, aka Caroline.
She's growing so quickly and I don't get to see her as often as I'd like.

She's very active and always exploring.

At the end of the day, she gets her bath and is ready for bed.

Her puppy, Bretten, skips the bath.
Directly to bed for her.

Anyways, I just had to share.
Now, the Estate Sale.
During the week I was there, a sign for an estate sale was posted on the telephone pole in front of their home.
It was at the old farmhouse behind their house. 
At one time, they owned all of the land around them.
Now there are houses and apartments that cover that land.
It started at 9am and I was the only one there!
Gorgeous old home and the family was so sweet!
I had $22 cash and this is what I walked away with.

Federal Style Convex Girandole Mirror
About 2 feet tall.

Smaller one, thrown in for free.
You can see brush marks where the mirror finish was applied.

Amazing hand made table with the most delicate legs I've ever see.
And it survived in the barn for years.

Small alabaster or marble lamp.

Wood tray, about 2' wide.
Somewhere in the past there was an inlay in the center.
Andrea blacked it out with a sharpie and put their monogram in gold paint pen.
Here's the brass handles.

Finally, an oval side table with pretty tapered legs.

Can you believe I got all of these wonderful things for $22 !!
These are some of the things I had to leave behind with a heavy heart!
2 antique bear skins, if I had to guess I'd say one was a black bear and the other was a grizzly
antique beds and dressers
spinning wheels
6 antique small scaled windsor style chairs used daily in their kitchen
All these plus so much more.
And the really amazing part?
This was their second sale!
I'll remember this one for a very long time.

ann marie

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  1. That tall table is REALLY interesting. I've never seen anything like it. May be something special.


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