19 September, 2011

$25 Guest Room Makeover!

I've got family coming into town and my Mother in Law will be staying with us.
And the guest room was looking sad and dingy.
Time for a facelift!

So, I had one day to do something about it.
Off to Lowes I went.
I bought a gallon of Olympic's One- a paint and primer combo.

The existing color was quite a bit darker, but it took two quick coats and that was finished.
I also put a coat of paint on the baseboards and windows.
I shopped my home for the panels and whipped up a new Dust Ruffle with some Natural and Black Ticking I had on hand.

I need to dig up some shams or maybe a couple of vintage embroidered pillow cases,
 I know I have a stash of those hanging around too!

Not too bad for a day's work!
A big silver pitcher full of roses and I think mom will be very comfortable!

ann marie


  1. I love the bedding and curtains it looks so much fresher with the new coat of paint.

  2. My mother-in-law is coming so I made over her room. There's a joke in there somewhere.

    This looks great! Very fresh and bright. I think it makes the floors stand out too.

  3. Ann Marie- It looks lovely and I'm sure your mil will love that you think she is special enough to do that for her visit. Great job! xo Diana

  4. If she doesn't show up, let me know and I will come and visit you.. ;) It's very nice. The only thing I would have done different are the curtains - I'd go for something more tone on tone for a more elegant look. I also LOVE the dust ruffle and the entire bed and the floor!!! I plan to make dust ruffles for our beds, because for some reason it is very unusual to have that in Europe so you cannot buy them anywhere so I have to sew them.

  5. Not bad....are you mad!??!?!? ITS STUNNING!!! You did an amazing job,anyone would love to stay in that room and never leave...maybe its too nice!! All the best,Chrissy

  6. Beautiful job, It looks elegant! Did you say
    what color you painted the room, I may have missed that?

  7. The paint I used was Lowes Valspar 7001-20 Dress Rehearsal in an Eggshell finish. It's very pale, and looks like a grey lilac color in the evening.


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