06 September, 2011

Dog Door Days of Summer

This DIY project started with the adoption of this sweet little puppy.
Taylor's puppy.
Or, Chernobyl, depending on how her day goes...
I work from home, and they live close by, so I volunteered to provide some doggy day care.
I, however, did not run this past my three "girls".

They were OK with it until Noble started to use their heads as a teething ring.
Rizzo and Wrigley are both around 8 years old and quickly put an end to all that nonsense.
Sophie, however, is a pushover.
She is probably the least dominate dog I know, which makes her such a sweetheart.
And a good teething ring.
By the time Noble went home each day, Sophie was a slobbered mess.
Noble also like to chew on sticks, big sticks that we have no idea how she gets them through the doggie door.
Then she would proceed to shred them all over the house.
Something had to be done.
We started with this kitchen door that led to Taylor's back yard.

A trip to Lowes and we were on our way.
They had this door on special last week for $128 , it usually sells for $188.
Doggy door for large doggy was around $75.
10% military discount on all that and we spent about $185.
It really was an easy project.
The new door fit into the old door's frame.

The template is included with the doggy door.
Drill a hole in each corner,

then cut on the lines with a jigsaw using a blade made to cut metal.
Our blade wasn't long enough to cut all the way through, so we had to do the same on the outside.
I think that actually made it easier.

A quick whack with a hammer was all that was needed at this point.

The door assembly is really easy too.
You mark where the screw will go through on all 4 corners, drill the hole and put it all together!
Now everyone's happy!

Well, almost everyone...

ann marie


  1. LOL- They always say that everything and everyone has some purpose in life...it is just sad to think that it might be as a teething ring!

    Great job on the install! xo Diana

  2. pet smart has the doggie door we want(ed) for 150.00! we would have to cut a hole in the wall and deal with all that would entail.
    I never thought to just change my door, which is almost all window, to one with half windows! And a whole lot less work! thanks for shedding (ha) some light on this.

  3. That is so funny...I never knew a dogs head could be another's teething ring!! Comical..well, at least reading it it was!!!


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