08 December, 2010

WHY ???

Head's up.
This will be short.
Why would anyone think taking something as beautiful as this-

and turning it into this is a good idea?

These trees are in my neighbor's yard behind us.
They were magnificent, and that's not an understatement.
After spending the morning at the hospital,
this is what I saw looking out back.
It makes me sick to see them.
They are not removing these trees.
These trees were trimmed.
Trimming a tree like that should be illegal.
Thanks for letting me vent.
ann marie


  1. I feel your pain!! When I lived in Longview, TX our neighbors on both sides and the back continually took out or severely trimmed large trees. It hurt our hearts! After selling our house two years ago and moving, we drove past it to find that the same had been done there.

  2. Well I think they trimed them to death. isn't that a bit extreme and will it kill the trees?

  3. What a shame! If it doesn't kill them it will take years for those beautiful trees to grow back. Nice big trees like that are so precious in Texas, are your neighbors "not from around here"?

  4. Seriously? That's a trim job? I would say is it's a hack job, pun intended.

  5. I hate when people do that. They do it a lot in our area also. It's called topping here. It's hard on the tree and can potentially kill it. Most people won't pay the money to hire a certified arborist so they hire tree terrorist instead. Ugh....

  6. Do the power lines run between the trees? I can't really tell from the photo. If so, the county might have actually trimmed the trees like that. I know here where we live, when they go around and "trim" the trees...that's what they look like.

  7. I think it was the power line Gods that trimmed those trees. We have no rights here when it comes to trimming trees off the power lines. They hack them off for efficiency-not for beauty. I hate it too! Diana

  8. The power lines you see run in an alley between our homes. I do have to say that our city/county really works with homeowners when it comes to the power lines to our homes. The "trimming" didn't have anything to do with the lines.

  9. How sad - poor trees. There's no understanding why people do some things.

  10. It looks to me like it was done because of the power lines. At least, I can't fathom anyone doing it for any other reason than safety. Yup, it is sad to see a tree defaced like this.

  11. I hate the topping of trees also. The previous owner of my home did this to the three pecan trees in the back yard. I hate them..... so much that I am putting new trees in their place.


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