05 October, 2010

Trash Talk!

Have you ever driven/walked by something that caught your eye and imagination?
And then you went back and picked it up off the side of the curb?
That happened, again, today.
Sooo, I turned my truck around and picked this up.

Pretty, no?

15 minutes, 1 can of leftover spray paint, ferns and sweet potato vine...

Something a little different!
ann marie


  1. Saved from the dump and now a thing of beauty - I love it!

  2. Now who would have thought. I love it. You have such a creative mind. It looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  3. Oh! A fantastic transformation, looks great!

  4. We call it "Big Trash Boutique".....love what you did to that cool old chair!

  5. Lovely ! :o) I do that kind of stuff all the time. lol

  6. Oh-you roadside thief, you!!! Why do you always beat me (or maybe it's NOT you but it is somebody that looks like you with a truck)...anyway..why do you always beat me to those FINDS?>) Great job on the re-do! You do'ed it good..deed you did! Hugs- Diana

  7. It's awesome what you did with this chair. I would never thought of it. I'm new, please come see me & I'm following. Welcome Fall


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