28 September, 2010

Little Girls Upcycled Dresses!

Who knew upcycling could be so much fun!
I love natural fabrics when it comes to clothing.
This is what I started with-

Wool skirts from fashion quite some time in the past.
Chances are most people wouldn't wear these because they're so outdated.
They were made from beautiful soft wools!
This is what they look like now...

Red Pendelton Wool Jumper

Brown Herringbone Wool

Brown Houndstooth Wool

Black Wool & Black and White Houndstooth

Teal Blue Wool 

I think they're classic and cute.
I've added them to my new Etsy Shop-

ann marie


  1. oh my goodness! they are so sweet. If I found those skirts I would cut them up and put them in a rug. Your idea is much cuter.

  2. These are so cute. You're so talented to think about making over those skirts. How fun!

  3. Brilliant! The wool in some of the older skirts is just so much nicer than anything one finds today - especially for little girls' jumpers.

  4. Love them~ I like re-using too. These are wonderful little jumpers....Do you think I could sqeeze into that Herringbone one?>) No? Well, I'd like to!

    BTW0 I love your Fall header with the basket of Fall lovelies! Hug- Diana

  5. Adorable! You are very talented!

  6. Oh my goodness - how absolutely adorable !!!!! I love jumpers on little girls - neat and classic !!!!!

    thanks for sharing,


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