15 October, 2010

Yard Sale Love!

You know that feeling.
It might happen at a yard sale,
maybe the thrift store?
You 're minding your own business, just looking around. 
Then you spot "it".

Your heart starts to pitter patter.
You nonchalantly wander over...

and then you snatch it up.
You know it's yard sale love if every time you look at it when you get it home your heart does the pitter patter dance.

I bought this table last week at a yard sale.
It was made by Davis Birely Table Company.
The last year they were in business was 1938.
This fits perfectly in my laundry room to fold clothes on.
And every time I walk in there, I'm a little bit happier.
The cost of my happiness?

This little beauty wormed itself into my heart this morning.
There was a yard sale a few houses up the street from us, so I thought I'd stop and check things out.
Slim pickins.
Then, the gentleman said there was more inside.
Not one single thing I couldn't live without.
Until I went into the last room.
She was sitting with two other lamps.
Floor lamps that were cheaply made and falling apart.
You know the kind.
I literally rushed over and picked her up.
I almost pulled a muscle.
She's heavy.
Made of solid marble heavy.
And she makes me smile too.
A smile that comes from knowing I only spent $5.00.
Pitter Patter

ann marie


  1. Ann Marie- I'd say you did GOOD, girl! I love that marble lamp and I have never seen a table like that one. Did you paint her or did she come like that? Love it!

    Also-Your basket on your header is just beautiful! Diana

  2. Dear Ann-Marie,
    you were a lucky girl finding those treasure. the lamp is super and the table is simply amazing. what's making it all even more amazing is that you got your treasures home just for a few bucks. great!
    have a nice weekend

  3. Oh my word, I would have bought them both. The table is fantastic and the lamp is stunning. Such wonderful finds. Hugs, Marty

  4. Oh I know all about yardsale love. And you really have something to love. Both are wonderful finds.

  5. No wonder you're smiling! Those are great finds, and put to good use, too.

  6. Ann Marie I love your finds, isn't it thrilling!?

    I have a new Giveaway from Metis Linens, do come and enter!!

    Art by Karena


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