25 June, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I thought I'd take a short stroll down Memory Lane.  I was listening to the radio yesterday, and a comment was made about the photos used by Realtors selling houses.  The bottom line was, take the pictures of your home yourself!  You know what the best and most flattering places in your home are.  I have to agree, I took the pictures of our home we sold last year.  It was on the Market for 10 days, and we were offered THREE full price offers within 24 hours. 
She certainly wasn't a neutral Plain Jane either. 
And we were definitely not underpriced. 
 Here she is!

Front Yard

Living Room

Dining Room


Powder Room


Bedroom # 3

Bedroom #2

Master Bedroom

Back Yard

I think we caught the personality so much more than a total stranger would have.
ann marie


  1. Wonderful pictures that would definitely attract a buyer!! It was a beautiful house!

  2. beautiful home.. and GREAT job on the pics. this has been a topic of subject lately. as a former Realtor, the house photos were a priority for me. but when relocating to GA, we were looking for a rental. we were astonished at the lack of photos & down right horrible photos that Realtors put out there! not sure what they're thinking by showing you a pic of a single window on a wall.. with no reference to anything! again.. fantastic job on your home photos! :)

  3. I know what you mean! I took the pics for the house we are leaving on Monday, and we got an offer 1 day after listing! For full asking it was great! *I* would have bought YOUR home, based on the photos alone!! :)

  4. I'm going to do the same thing on my blog..I'll give you a mention!!

  5. Lovely home, but I must say I really like your one level cottage too! In fact I love, love, love it! So charming! May I ask if you paneled the ceiling of the kitchen of your former home? I am dying to cover up the popcorn ceiling of my home--I'm a little afraid to scrape it off (I already did in the foyer), because of the possibility of asbestos issues. If you did, would you mind sharing what kind of materials you used? Thanks so much! V.

  6. Pictures look great! No wonder it sold looks huge from the pictures!!

    The coffee table in the living room. I want it =( I want cute, country, chunky, with cute little button legs!!


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