04 April, 2010

Channel Back Chair-Anthropologie Style!

Just one more reason why walking is good for you. My husband was out walking the neighborhood Saturday Morning and came across a yard sale with this little treasure.
He told me about her as soon as he got home. "There's a yardsale and they're selling a chair kind of like the one we have in the family room." We run on over and I'm thinking Wing Back Chair. We're looking for a comfy chair for our youngest daughter's first apartment. These are some of the pieces she's found so far
here. When I saw this petite Channel Back chair, I couldn't get out of the truck fast enough! I knew she'd love it, and if she didn't, I did. Win-win situation. The fabric is in great shape. I just have to figure out how to clean the arms,. They're a little dirty, but nothing that can't be taken care of. We love the feel of it. I say vintage, she says Antropologie. We'll leave her as is, she's thinking about painting the legs, not quite sure yet. Here are a few more looks.

The channel back is really a nice detail.

This chair is deceivingly heavy for it's size. When my husband went to taske it out of the bed of the truck to carry it to my studio, I volunteered to carry the seat cushion. It's the most dense and heavy cusion I've ever carried. There's no zipper, so for right now the inside will remain a mystery.

She has lovely, curvaceous legs. They're rather wide too. I think her legs will get a coat of paint, and I'm also thinking along the lines of a slipcover. Time may be the deciding factor, but don't you think a sassy little skirt would just girly this chair up a bit?
 Oh, the best part?
ann marie


  1. Beautiful chair! I have slipcovered several like that and love working with them.

  2. It's gorgeous and for $20 I'm green with envy. I'm not in love with the fabric but I can see why a young woman would love it. I think I agree with her about painting the legs. Ivory, in my opinion, would make it more modern. But, please, call an upholstery cleaner. It might have fleas!

  3. Pretty. I love walks in the neighborhood!
    Blessed Easter!

  4. Wow, great price for that!

    OH my, I just saw Rizzo, Wrigley and Sophie, are those dachshunds... I have a smooth haired one laying right by my side.

  5. I LOVE it and would have snatched it up in about a second flat! I think a slipcover and ruffle just above the legs would be darling but I like it just the way it is, too!

  6. Wow! That chair looks like it is in great shape...and only $20!

  7. That's a gorgeous chair and I do believe you actually stole it! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    shelia :)

  8. Wow, that is a gorgeous chair. That was quite a find ~ congratulations!

    Thanks for joining Timeless Tuesday.

    Paula Grace ~

  9. Oh, that is an amazing price for that gorgeous chair!

    Have you figured out how to clean the arms yet?

    I have a chair that I LOVE and it needs cleaning and I've tried several standard things but it hasn't worked. I do NOT want to have it reupholstered.

    Hugs, Lana

  10. Great find for $20! And what a great husband for giving you the tip!


  11. Love that chair. I, too am jealous. Dont you just love a hubby like that. I get so excited when hubby calls me and says "I got a prize for you!" lol

  12. What a great find..that was an expensive chair when they bought it..you got a great deal.

    I'm visiting from your link at Somewhat Simple for Strut Your Stuff Thursday.

    I hope you'll drop by to see my fabric flowers. ♥

    Have a wonderful day...

    Stephanie ♥

  13. years ago I had 2 couches (from Sears) with that very same fabric - and it wore so well! I love your chair and he channel back is so pretty - great find - lucky you!

  14. That is a gorgeous chair. Like you, I love the back detailing and the legs. Nice find!


  15. Hi, what a great find for that price!!I bet your glad your husband went for a walk...Kathy

  16. Lucky you! This is just darling and the price - a steal!

  17. Your blog is beautiful, very sweet and tender
    very nice to show what is truly an inspiration, Chany

  18. What a great chair! I just put a channel backed chair on my curb this week. The cushion was hard as a rock and the channel detail was a little beyond my ability. It was free to me, so it went free to someone else.

  19. I just got possession of two channel backed chairs that belonged to my late grandmother. My daughter just loves them and we are trying to find a suitable fabric to recover them. I would never have thought of this print selection. We have been looking a subtle damask fabric. What a lucky find for you.

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