21 April, 2010

A Wee Bit of Color in the Studio

This is just to give you a preview of what may come of my studio's interior space. Of course, this is not set in stone...
Here are some of the fabrics that I'm using...

 These will be used for Roman Shades, Valances, Pillows and re-upholstering my wonderful Settee. Remember her?

I want to paint the piece that I bought for storage.

Maybe something along these lines.

I'm playing with the idea of the harlequin design on the doors only.  I'd use colors that compliment the colors and fabrics I'm planning on using.  Did I mention that this is my creative space?  I'm motivated by things and colors I enjoy looking at and using. There's more, I'm hoping you'll be patient while I pull it all together!
ann marie


  1. Love the chest and LOVE the harlequin design. My first thought was to darken/stain the design as reaches the center divider on each door so it looks like it goes underneath...gives it little more dimension. What a fun project! Can't wait to see it.

  2. I just can't wait! What wonderful colors. Is your room sunny?

  3. This looks like alot of fun!
    I have always been fond of this color combination!
    And I have a thing for harlequin motifs!
    Can't wait to see it when you are done!
    Have a wonderful evening,

  4. oh, cant wait to see the finished room.. Love those fabrics. it will be a happy room.!

  5. Hi Ann Marie, you asked about washing soda. Not sure if there is a substitute for it. I do buy my washing soda at Walmart so maybe yours does to? Love the colors you are choosing for your studio! Cheers, Maryjane

  6. can't wait to see all your finished products. i am sure it is going to be lovely! verbena cottage

  7. Like your studio space. Isn't it so fun having a place to go to within walking distance, but still feels away? We built a pool house last year and I love the vacation like feel it give steps from my back door.

  8. OMG! The cabinet would look AWESOME in the harlequins!


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