08 January, 2010

Where to begin...

Let's take a look at the "befores".  Keep in mind that this is a very sound structure.  They really don't build houses like this today.  Also keep in mind that the previous owner smoked in this house-I think for many, many years.  Thank goodness that there was no smoke odor left.

Let's start with the living room-

Beautiful, no?
How about the kitchen.

It gets better!  This is what the inspector found in the vent hood!

BATS!  From the looks of them, they'd been there for quite some time.
The bedrooms weren't too bad.  We do have rather large closets for a home of this age.

What is now our dining room was once dubbed the "man" room.  Lots and lots of knotty pine beadedboard.

Now for the one and only bath.  It's cozy-teeny tiny cozy.

I still have the unfinished one car garage with the attached laundry room to show, but I haven't found those pictures yet.  Next time we'll get to the demolition portion of our program.  Did it ourselves-so much fun!!

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