11 January, 2010

Outdoor Bath & Shower

Well, when we decided NOT to add a new Master Bedroom and Bath, I decided to use the clawfoot bathtub we had purchased anyway!  So, one Thursday morning I built the enclosure, made countless visits to Lowe's for plumbing supplies and a shower fixture and created my outdoor bathing area.  It looks even better when all my ferns and plants are there, but it's 25 degrees out and my plants are tucked safely away in my warm studio.  There's nothing better than a fire in the chimenea, candles lit, a hot lavender bubble bath,  a glass of red wine and the stars in the sky above you to unwind after a long day!


  1. I'm drooling.
    No, really- I am drooling.
    I have wanted to do this forever!
    How wonderful for you. Enjoy!

  2. If I had this in my backyard I would never leave. I love it . Thanks for sharing.
    Cha Cha

  3. We have an outdoor shower with hot and cold water (also after countless trips to Menards)at our lake cottage, a but never thought of a tub outside - I like it. Do you really use it in the winter though?

  4. I really want an outdoor bathing area for summer. This is very nice.

  5. I love it....I want to make an outdoor bath too but my husband just looks at me like I'm nuts. I saw it years ago in Country living magazine and have always had it in the back of my mind. Now you make me want one again!
    :o) Sue

  6. just stumble into your blog, beautiful transformation projects! love your leisure bath oasis. thanks for sharing! maryann

  7. I found your blog via Mustard Seed Creations. I almost crawled through my laptop to get to this outdoor bathroom. I've been hinting for just an outdoor shower but this...well...I'm going out now to mark off the area in the yard! Love your blog! Going back in to lurk around some more! Hope you have a post of your studio! :)


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