15 July, 2013


Although I was excited about this day...
I have to admit it was a bit overwhelming when things started to happen.
Here's a recap of last week's progress...
Big windows :)
To let all that morning sunshine in :)
Kitchen...she'll be twice the size...so good.
Siding and trim...looks like a house now.
So, after all that prettiness last week,
this is what happened in a few short hours...
This was the action in the kitchen.
There was also progress in the rest of the rooms...
Electric rough in...
we'll see how good my math is when the sconces go up in the master bath and the powder room...
let's just keep our fingers crossed.
7 hours ago, this is what my Living Room looked like.
Somewhat of a mess because most of what I took out of our cabinets ended up on these shelves.
This is what it looks like right now.
Marc's first question when I texted him a picture?
Where are we going to watch TV?
I'll be reusing some of these cabinets in the Laundry Room,
But until then my neighbor was kind enough to let us use his garage as storage.
Things are getting exciting!!
ann marie



  1. You guys move fast in Texas! It takes me two months to get an estimate. Looking good!

  2. Wow, great progress! I am so excited for you and cannot wait to see more.


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