27 July, 2013

Master Bath Choices

Master Bath on a petite budget...
All the tile above is from Lowes...
very, very inexpensive but I think when the bath is finished it's going to look amazing!

It's a narrow room...not quite 7 feet by 20
The large grey porcelain is my floor tile, it's 20"x20" and will be laid on the diagonal.
I know, sounds crazy...but I like how it'll look.
The Carrera mosaic will be the floor in the walk in shower.
It'll also be the band running under the white ceramic chair rail.
There will be about a 42" white subway, mosaic band and chair rail all around the room.
It's going to be wonderful, trust me.

I was going to refinish and re use my clawfoot bath tub...
but after getting quotes and the reality of it not really being a great "soaking" tub...
well, I went in a different direction.
To rationalize, I sold the clawfoot and didn't have to pay to have it refinished so... 
my "splurge" didn't really cost any extra :)

67" of soaking heaven...up to about 18" of water.
Sitting right under the window.
Similar to this...


And this Estate Sale find right above it

This faucet, wall mounted...

There will be two vanities...

These faucets...

Three of these sconces...

and these mirrors...

I like the color..
We've had progress...electrical and most of the plumbing rough in is done.
All the windows are in.
The laundry room is beginning to take shape,
it'll be much more functional than it was.
It's very frustrating when a day or two goes by and no one is here working.
Definitely a lesson in patience.

ann marie


  1. I love every single one of your choices. It just goes to show that when you have a great sense of style, you can make great choices on a budget. I'm totally envious of the tub. Love the light you found too. We can't have hanging lights above tubs in Massachusetts. They're against code.

    This is going to be great!

  2. Oh my god! You have a wonderful sense of taste, Ann Marie. I love the tiles that you have chosen; the mirror, the faucets and everything. I am very curious and looking forward when this is all installed and set. I hope you can share a before and after photos. Thanks! -www.thetubconnection.com

  3. This will be absolutely gorgeous! Everything you picked out is perfect!! You will certainly enjoy this room! I see that you have "Queen Anne's Lace" flower as your "photo" - do you know why there is a black dot in the center of the flower? The fable goes like this: Queen Anne pricked her finger while tatting lace and that black dot is just a reminder - just a little tid bit!


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