24 January, 2015

Very Late Christmas Update...

Yes...this post is very late...but better late than never...right ?!?
Christmas morning...
Santa was very busy and delivered all the presents to Memere and Pepere's house.
We had all 3 girls,
2 son in laws,
5 Grand Daughters,
2 of their dogs...
am I missing anything?
Oh, Adam wasn't able to be here...
maybe next Christmas?
Leaving all those presents was a lot of hard work,
looks like he enjoyed his milk and cookies...
and the carrots were gone too!
Caroline put that all out Christmas Eve :)
This was the best of several attempts to get a picture of all 5 girls in the dresses I made them.
I also made them a few other Christmas gifts
There were a few other things that got their attention too...
Christmas Breakfast.
and more hugs!
What a day!

It was wonderful...all of it :)
ann marie


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  1. love it. thanks for not posting embarrassing pajama pictures this year ; )


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