05 July, 2014

New Memories...4th of July 2014

All of our girls and their families were with us for the 4th.
All their girls too :)
We are 5 house away from Pickrell Park, Schertz Texas.
The 4th is our Holiday.
There's a BBQ competition that friends compete in...
Small town America parade...
Throw in a few extra kids and Ice Cream Cone cupcakes with chocolate frosting...
We are a family that has always appreciated what our military members have done for our country.
My husband retired as a Chief Master Sergeant after 27 years in the Air Force serving this country.
His dad served in the Korean conflict.
My dad and my uncle were/are (once a Marine, always a Marine) Marines in Viet Nam.
my dad served in 3 branches of the military...
My brother and his wife both retired after 20 years in the Air Force.
Thank You
ann marie


  1. Beautiful family! Nice you were all together!

    1. Thank You :) I think so too. We really enjoyed having everyone here, doesn't happen often enough.

  2. Thank you to all your family members for their service (and to you for being an AF wife :-) ) ! I think small town celebrations for the 4th are the best. We enjoyed Wimberley's this year - including a good rodeo in the evening. An equestrian drill team from Montgomery, TX put on a lovely tribute to all 4 branches of the military, and then the cowboys and cowgirls provided the fireworks :-)


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