12 May, 2014

The Making of a Happy House

So this is where we started with the interior.
The first layer of carpeting...yes, there were two layers!
The first layer was authentic green/blue shag from the 70's.
Oh the memories that came flooding back to me...
the second layer was the brownish sculptured carpeting.
This is not for those of you with a weak stomach...sorry.
40 years of dogs peeing on it...be thankful this isn't smellavision.
I didn't even need a knife for most of this...
it was so deteriorated it just tore when I yanked on it.
Gloves and a facemask.
Overall, the floor is in reasonable shape.
The floors haven't been refinished before...the house was built in 1951.
My floor guy will sand them and then we'll decide on how dark a stain we'll use.
Next up was tackling the walls and ceilings in the Living Room, Kitchen and Sunroom.
Nicotine, tar and grease...40 years worth.
Once again, pretty disgusting...sorry.
Two full days of hot water and TSP...and a LOT of elbow grease...
The beginning of a very Happy House :)
Same thing in the kitchen...
After...we have a little sheetrock to repair/replace.
So, we are well on our way to making this little cottage happy once again.
ann marie


  1. Brave...glutton for punishment...same difference, right ;)

  2. I think it's wonderful to bring back the little house - but that is a *lot* of ick to get rid of .... I look forward to seeing your progress!



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