29 July, 2012

Dutch Door for Dogs and Kids?

This is my project door.
This is what the kitchen looked like when we bought the house.
The door opened into the garage.
The garage is now our family room and there is no need for a door.
The door has been spending time in the side yard the last couple of years.
Then I had a brilliant idea.
I was in need of a functional way to keep the dogs out of the living room on occasion.
Like when Matry comes over to visit.
She doesn't really mind them being around, I do.
Lots of dogs and a little house.
 I've been using one of those doorway gates.
Not a problem for the three little ones.

Noble, however, hops right over it.

Matry tries to climb over to get into the kitchen...
she knows that's where the good stuff is.
Especially when her Pepere is cooking.
Not a safe place when there's cooking going on.
Now's when the door pops into my head!

Leave a painted door outside for a year or two and all the paint just peels off.
My Plan A was to make a Dutch door out of it and put it between the Kitchen and Living Room.
I carefully mark where I want to cut it, set up my straight edge and go to town with my circular saw.

So far everything going according to plan.
I did have to take a smidge off one of the sides so it would actually fit the doorway.
I will prime and paint it this week.
I wanted to be sure it would work the way I pictured it...

I think it's going to be perfect!

I'm not sure if I'm going to install the top half of the door.
The truth is it wouldn't ever be closed.
We have to leave it open for the air flow for AC and Heating.
Not to mention it is already hot when cooking.
Maybe Plan B will be a half door with some type of crown molding
and a shallow shelf for the top of the door.
I'll let you know with an update when it's finished.

ann marie


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