22 May, 2012

Old Homestead Update

Three years ago today we moved into this house.  I was so excited, you would have thought I was a kid getting my very first house!
Well, I wasn't and it wasn't.
This is what I fell in love with.

Sorry, bad pictures, but you get the idea.

This is what she looks like now.

The landscaping has come a long way too. 
 I read somewhere that it takes three years for a plant to become established and thrive.
I think that's sooo true.
If it survives the first year, remember I'm in South Central Texas and it gets a little warm and dry here, I get just a little excited!
The plant on the lattice by the front door is an evergreen Wisteria.  It has little purple blooms and is very fragrant.
The birds love it...for nesting.  Last year we had a pair of Cardinals, this spring we had Mockingbirds.
FYI, Mockingbird parents are not too friendly to you when you try to help their baby bird across the street.
I was dive bombed.
I'm sure the neighbors had a good laugh at my expense if they witnessed that!


I try to grow some plants that remind me of home,  New England.
Definitely a challenge.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea

Hydrangea, mophead, I don't know the name of it

Hydrangea, variegated lace head(?)

Queen Anne's Lace

Lavender...and Matry


I'm really proud to say that with the exception of the driveway, I did most of everything else.
It is a labor of love....and you can throw in some blood, sweat and tears too.
I wouldn't change a thing.
Well, actually, I'm always changing things.

ann marie


  1. My gosh, AnnMarie- You would hardly recognize it as the same house. It is just beautiful and you have done a wonderful job with it! It is a perfect HOME now- xo Diana

  2. I think it is the best home you could ever live in! I hope it stays in our family forever!

  3. very charming , great curb apeal!

  4. Your curb appeal is amazing now. You have really done wonders and it's beautiful.


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