08 January, 2012

Quilt Craziness!!

Remember these?
I put them in my Etsy Shop because I really liked them.
So did a lot of other people!!
So, I had to make about 270 of them between the 1st of November and Christmas.
Back in October, before my road trip with Taylor to Boston, I found this on Pinterest.

I loved that it was a chevron, but I really loved that they used prints instead of solids.
I decided I would make 3 small (app 60"x60") quilts for my grand daughters.
I bought the fabric and started putting them together before the road trip.
I wanted the grandbabies quilts to have vintagy looking fabrics.
This is what they look like.

To add to my craziness, I had decided to make three more quilts.
One for each of my daughters.
I found my inspiration quilt on Steve's blog,

This is what they ended up with on Christmas morning...

Andrea wanted Gold & White.

Marquis wanted Red & White and Taylor wanted Navy & White.
I only had time to make the tops.  Well, most of the tops.
I still have to add about 5 rows to each quilt.
I hope to get them finished in the next few weeks.
Hopefully before next Christmas!
Let's keep our fingers crossed...

ann marie


  1. Hmmmm. LOVE THEM!

    I might have to put in my own order!

  2. How lovely!
    You have inspired me!

  3. Ann Marie- WOW-WHAT an ambitious undertaking! I am proud of you! I LOVE your quilts AND those stockings- xo Diana


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