20 November, 2011

Christmas Stockings-Yay!

Life's been busy...such an understatement!
On the 5th of November, Taylor and I had a girl's road trip-
to Boston.
She's moved there to find a job.
It was a beautiful trip.
However, I kept getting these emails on my phone.
Confirmation of an Etsy transaction.
I got lots of them!

First batch-16 Christmas Stockings.
Today I finished 6 shower curtains and a floor length gathered/cord table cloth.
I'm a fast sewer-as in sewing.

So...as of right now, I only have 104 more stockings, a couple of pairs of panels and some dog beds...as of right now.
Oh, and throw in the Christmas music that's already on the radio 24/7.
I'm a fast sewer.
However, my studio is a casualty of being this busy.

The good thing is I know where everything is...kind of.

I'm very flattered and excited that so many people like and appreciate the things that I make.
It's like Christmas for me, ok-I'm a fabricaholic, when the weekly fabric order arrives.
20-30 yds of different fabric makes my heart go pitter-patter.
I guess I should get back to work, after all, I have my own personal projects that need finishing before Christmas.
It's a good thing I'm a fast sewer!

ann marie


  1. WOW! How cool!

    Better to be a sewer than a sewer. (I guess that doesn't work in print.)

  2. oh Ann Marie- what a wonderful workroom! I'm sure you got all your stockings and dog beds made! Love seeing all your fabric!

    Merry Christmas to you and yours!

    p.s. thank you so much for leaving your "calling card!"


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