26 October, 2011

DIY Over the Carriage Doors Rose Trellis

This is the climbing rose I planted last fall.
I was lucky to just keep it alive after the summer we've had.
Hot and no rain.
Now that it's gotten a little cooler, she's started to grow.
I sat with pencil and paper to draw a very simple rose trellis for over the carriage doors.
I used regular pine lumber because I knew I was painting it and it's pretty protected.
You could use cedar too.
I bought 2-2x4x8's, 2-2x4x10's and 4-2x2x8's.
My brackets are as simple as I could keep them.
I figured it wouldn't show very much once the rose covers it.

I used wood glue and 2 1/2" screws to assemble.

For the pieces that are perpendicular to the house,
 I just cut the 2x2's into 2 foot lengths.
I had 16 pieces.  I measured my 2x4x10's, they had a few inches cut off because of the light fixture and divided that number by 15.
Then I measured and marked and glued and screwed each one on center.

Add some paint into the mix...


A nice vintage detail for our little cottage.

Can't wait to see how it looks in the spring!
ann marie


  1. Really simple and nice! Love your weenies, too!

  2. Perfect. The angle of the bracket is perfect with the diagonal lattice on the porch. You're really great about seeing that stuff ahead of time. Perfect planning.

  3. I love it. I so wanted to do that when we did this house but we just couldn't work it in. I LOVE yours! xo Diana

  4. HOw cute! Such a pretty idea and I know it will look just beautiful once your rose bush has covered it! take care, Maryann

  5. A VERY nice vintage detail for sure! It looks so pretty. :)


  6. What a great idea! It really dresses up your garage. I'll be it will be gorgeous next summer with the roses in bloom!


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